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The development of resin filament for use in weaving wicker furniture has created the opportunity for many people to own long lasting, attractive outdoor wicker patio and garden furniture.

Designed to look like traditional plant-based wicker, resin wicker filament is an extruded high density polyethylene compound of significant strength and durability. Because the coloring component is mixed directly into the resin as it is melted for the extrusion process, the final product remains color fast, vibrant, and will not peel or flake even under the most extreme weather conditions. Importantly, it is non-toxic and easily recyclable.

Care should be taken in selecting all wicker, especially outdoor wicker and resin wicker. Not all natural wicker and not all resin wicker is of uniform quality. As with all other products, resin wicker or outdoor wicker sold without a guarantee of workmanship and material is likely to be far less durable. Extruded resin, whether flat or round, can vary significantly in thickness and strength, as can the frame steel or aluminum tubing.

Less expensive resin outdoor wicker furniture is sometimes woven on a less expensive rattan frame, which can cause stretching and breakage problems if the rattan, as a natural fiber, is left to absorb water. It also is often smaller than high quality resin wicker furniture, making it less comfortable.

Quality resin wicker is the most care free and durable outdoor wicker. When it is hand woven to either powder coated steel or lighter weight aluminum frames it can easily be moved around the patio or garden.  A clear advantage of resin wicker furniture is that it does not splinter to cause snags in stockings or other fine clothing. With the variety of color, design and texture, it is suitable for both outdoor and indoor use. A resin wicker table dining set is as attractive indoors as outdoors.

A Word About Resin Wicker
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